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How to choose the perfect classic car?

How to choose the perfect classic car?

This independent feeling of getting in your own classic car and driving to your favourite destination can make you smile from ear to ear. When buying a classic car, whether it is your very first one or not, it is always a unique experience. FreightHammer wants to advise you on which components you best take into account when searching and ultimately buying the perfect classic car.

Which brand is your favourite one?

Do you have an all-time favourite classic brand? Maybe you have heard good reviews about it, or family and friends have had a great experience and have recommended it to you. A close connection with a car dealer that you can trust is essential. Our classic car clients all over Europe offer a wide range of motor related vehicles.

The American car market in general has a great range of models and different brands to choose from. Think about Chevrolet, Cadillac, Chrysler, … But also European brands such as Porche or Mercedes,  are represented in the US. We talked about why choosing an American Classic car in our previous blog article. The US has manufactured models that were never found in Europe. That makes America a great option for searching for your dream classic car. But we are not holding you back to search over the entire world.

Besides the brand you also need to think about which model gets your preference? Do you want a four-door car in which you will have a lot of space? Or do you prefer a two-seater car with a sporty look or even a convertible? Luckily, the possibilities are endless.

Ready or not to buy a classic car from the US?

Is it your dream to buy an oldtimer? FreightHammer has got your back and wants to give you some valuable decisions which you need to make when buying your classic car:

  • Are you looking for a car “ready-to-use” or are you looking for a car that is less expensive but still needs some work done?
  • Do you want to choose a car running on diesel or petrol and which extras are important to you?
  • Last but not least is the budget, how much do you want to spend? Take into account that the price of your vehicle when buying abroad is not the only thing you are paying. Adding to the purchase price you also need to think about the VAT. When you import to the Netherlands it is 9% VAT and in Belgium only 6%. And when your classic car is older than 30 years you do not have to pay import duties.

How FreightHammer can help you? 

FreightHammer can be your right hand in the car industry abroad and at home. A team of transport specialists is ready to help you with your journey of transporting your classic car after buying it abroad! They will advise you and take into account your personal preferences, in each part of the logistic process.

Sometimes it is desirable to make use of our escrow service during the process. Your payment is transferred from FreightHammer to a local agent on the scene who pays directly to the seller. Paying international becomes a piece of cake and you don’t have to worry about whether the payment is correctly received.

Did you find your dream car abroad in the USA? The crossing from New York tot Europe only takes about 12 days. You can read more about how to import it to Europe in our previous blog article.

If after reading this article, you still have questions about your specific situation regarding the import of your dream car to Europe. Please feel free to contact one of the transport specialists via the contact form. Or if preferred, you can call us or send us a chat message through our website.

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