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FreightHammer is a specialist in the transport of vehicles via container cargo, among other things. The advantage is that it is very attractive to also ship household effects in the container. When moving from an EU country to the Netherlands or Belgium, you are eligible for exemption from import duties, VAT and road tax on your car.

Our services

In the event of a move, we can collect the household contents from virtually any location in the world. Then we take care of the transport to the port, the documentation, the safe packaging, the shipping and the handling with customs. If desired, the goods can be delivered to your home. Please contact our transport specialists for advice on your move and for information on exemption of import duties, VAT and road tax on your car. Or request a quote.

Additional services

If you make use of our services, we will do everything we can to get your relocation goods to the desired location safely and quickly. It may still be desirable to insure your valuable goods. Or you may prefer transporting your goods by air freight. Air freight is generally faster than shipping. Our transport specialists can advise you on this.

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