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Do you want to import a vehicle from America, for example because you bought a car or motorcycle there? We can fully arrange that for you. We import cars from the USA on a weekly basis, both classic and modern cars. And precisely because of this, we can offer extra competitive rates.

There are weekly departures from various ports in the USA, such as New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Oakland, Savannah and Miami. The crossing from New York to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp takes about 12 days and from California about 30 days. Importing your vehicle via container transport from the USA to the port of Rotterdam or Antwerp is one of the cheapest and safest ways of transport to Europe.


When importing a vehicle, in addition to the transport costs, you also pay import duties and VAT. These differ per country of import and per vehicle. We fully handle this process for you, so that you do not have to worry about the transport and customs clearance of the car.

Importing old-timers to Europe via FreightHammer is very attractive because we have warehouses in the Netherlands and Belgium. For old-times more than 30 years old, this means you pay 9% VAT in the Netherlands and only 6% VAT in Belgium, at no extra cost. Do you want to know what the costs of importing your vehicle are? Then request a quote so we can send you an offer

Air freight

Would you like to have your car on site quickly? Then we can also import your vehicle by air freight from America at very competitive rates. Air freight is expensive, but a lot faster than container freight. Sometimes it is desirable to transport very valuable cars by air freight. Read more about air freight and request a quote.

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