Importing a boat

Have you relocated or did you buy a boat abroad and do you want to import your boat? In addition to importing cars, FreightHammer also specialises in importing other vehicles, such as boats, yachts, jet skis and other water sports vehicles. Sometimes boats can be shipped by container cargo, but a boat often does not fit in a container. Then RoRo offers the solution. The boat is then packed with special attention so that it can be shipped safely.

Our services

Our worldwide network of agents enables us to import boats worldwide. We take care of the documentation, land transport, shipping and handling with customs. We can even deliver the boat to your home.


When importing a boat, in addition to transport costs, you have to take destination costs into account. These include import duties, taxes, unloading and delivery costs. These costs differ per country and per vehicle.Thanks to our years of experience in importing and exporting vehicles, our knowledge of regulations and our international partner network, we can guarantee competitive rates. Request a quote so we can send you an offer.

Additional services

If you make use of our services, we will do everything we can to get your boat or water sports vehicle to the desired location safely and quickly. However, it may still be desirable to insure your valuable goods. Or you may prefer transporting your boat by air freight. Air freight is generally faster than shipping. Our transport specialists can advise you on this.

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