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Would you like to export a car, for example for a move, a fair or a tour? Then a world is opening up for you. Exporting a car can be a complicated process. Regulations are sometimes complex and vary from country to country. We will be happy to explain how it works so that you know where you stand.

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We export cars to virtually any destination in the world and can take this process completely off your hands. Export takes place from the port of Rotterdam or Antwerp. You can bring your car to our warehouse in Antwerp or Rotterdam or we can pick it up. We ensure that the car is professionally loaded into the container and arrange the settlement with the shipping companies. After the crossing, our agent takes over the container and arranges the import of the car into the country of destination. The car can then be picked up at the port, or we can arrange for it to be taken to the desired location.


When exporting a car, in addition to transport costs, you have to take destination costs into account. These include import duties, taxes, unloading and delivery costs. Because these costs differ per country and per vehicle, we work with local agents who calculate and handle the import tariffs.

Thanks to our years of experience in importing and exporting cars and other goods, our knowledge of regulations and our international partner network, we can guarantee competitive rates. Request a quote so we can send you an offer for the export of your car.

Additional services

If you make use of our services, we will do everything we can to get your vehicle to the desired location safely and quickly. It may still be desirable to insure your valuable goods. Or you may prefer transporting your car by air freight. Air freight is generally faster than shipping a car. Our transport specialists can advise you on this.

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