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Travelling with an oldtimer

Travelling with an oldtimer

Have you always wanted to travel with your favourite oldtimer? Or are you planning to participate in an international fair or rally? It is an experience every fan of classic cars dreams of. But exporting an oldtimer often remains a challenge for many. Find out here how you can simplify the process!

The export process

Exporting a car can be a complicated process since the regulations are different from country to country. Based on six major steps, the export process can be explained in a simple way:

  1. Your car is exported from the port of Antwerp or Rotterdam.
  2. Before your car is loaded into the container, a photo report is made.
  3. Next, the export is arranged and your car goes through the customs control procedure.
  4. The car is shipped to the port of destination, where another photo report is made upon arrival.
  5. After the costs for import duties and VAT have been paid, your car can be cleared in the country of destination.
  6. Your car can be picked up or delivered at the desired location!

Good preparation is worth its weight in gold

If you want to take your classic car with you on holiday, it is important that you prepare your trip well:

  • Make sure your car is properly insured! Have your car inspected beforehand and always have the insurance certificate to hand.
  • Check whether there are low emission zones in the country of destination! Cars that are too polluting are not allowed to drive in these environmental zones. For cars that are registered as old-timers, an exception is sometimes made.
  • Plan extra time in your itinerary! The engines of old-timers are not as strong as today’s cars.Take the time to enjoy your trip, the landscape and the hum of the engine!

FreightHammer, the ideal partner!

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we at FreightHammer can manage the export process of your car. At the time of the request, we look for the safest and most price-efficient port. We will provide you with a personalised quote and you will benefit from professional advice throughout the process!

If you still have questions after reading this article, do not hesitate to contact one of our transport specialists via our contact form, the chat function on our website or by telephone.

We wish you a very pleasant journey!

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